My military flying pictures from Pilot Ball Caps - pilot designed, embroidered in the U.S. 


Some of my military flying pictures and aerial refueling

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Desert Storm tanker ramp at Jeddah, refueling during Desert Storm

desert storm tanker flightline - Jeddah SA        

Mighty Stratotankers!


Nose art.


More Air Refueling


A-37  Phan Rang AB  AV-8B Harrier

Demonstration Teams


More refueling shots. F16s, A6, A7, F14 and RC135


Navy Tomcats and one shot of the F111



F15s over Iceland, A10 near the Azores, and German Air Force Tornado over Germany


A closer look at some of the bombers.

SAC CFIC, over 90 degrees of bank while in contact (KC135 and B52)


...and more tankers (KC135R and KC10)


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