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About Pilot Ball Caps - INFORMATION PAGE. All Pilot and Aviator wings are direct-embroidered on comfortable, low-profile hats. Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and Airlines

Air Force Pilot wings hat

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Veteran Owned Business

Naval Aviator wings hat

Veteran owned business since 2008

 All embroidery done right here in the U.S.A.!

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 About Us...Pilot Ball Caps .com: It all started when I couldn't find a Northwest Airlines Pilot wings ball cap. So I started making the kind of ball cap that I wanted. I liked them so much (as did my new customers), that I expanded to my Air Force wings, then Navy, then Army (you get the idea). As we generated more interest, there came more requests for different  designs. We've had tons of compliments over the years about our hats and our customer service. That's because we put our customers first, ship your ball cap as fast as we can...and always communicate quickly to address any problems. I've been burned by some eBay sellers, and vowed to always take care of our customers like it was personal. Plus we get to hear a lot of great aviation stories through our customer contact.  Thanks for stopping by,

Spud (Mike) and Mrs. Spud (Connie)  

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 About the ball caps:  This is about our products...Our ball caps are embroidered here in the U.S. (in Wisconsin) on stock from overseas.   Hat sizes adjust from approximately 6 7/8 to 7 1/2. They will go larger and smaller, but these are the sizes that look and fit best. The hat bill is 2-7/8 inches from the cap, and is standard size. They are unstructured, and during the direct-embroidery process, sometimes the wings don't exactly match up with the center seam. All wings are centered on the ball cap, but sometimes (if you look hard enough) appear off  center on part of the seam.  All of our hats are "unstructured", they are NOT stiff, and will mold to the crown of your head. They have a more relaxed and wrinkled look.  If you like the "trucker" style ball cap, you will not like our products. Because they are cotton Chino and not polyester blend, the darker colors may fade with prolonged wear in direct sunlight. 


 Shipping: all Pilot Ball Caps are boxed, and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Shipping and Handling are included.  International shipping to Europe, Canada and select Worldwide locations is available.  International shipping rates apply and start at $16.90 (due to a recent increase in postal rates) but there is no tracking on International packages. You must confirm your correct address.  Shipments returned due to an incorrect address will be re-sent at buyer's expense.


 Return policy:  I want you to be happy with your Pilot Ball Cap... If you don't like it, don't want it, or feel it is defective...send it back to me.  I'll refund the purchase price, or if it needs to be replaced, I will pay return shipping back to you with another item (U.S. domestic customers only).  I normally allow 14 days from when you receive the ball cap. If you have a problem with one of our ball caps, or question about any of my products, please email me ('Spud') at: pilotballcaps@gmail.com


 Privacy: Your privacy is as important as mine.  I will not sell, send or otherwise use your information in any way except to communicate with you regarding your purchase and share relevant information between you and I. Any correspondence between you and I may be posted as general commentary on our company Facebook page, unless you request otherwise. If you wish to be removed from my contact list, just email me, and I'll take care of it.


 Payments:  Secure PayPal Merchant services.  You can pay with a major credit card or your PayPal account. For security reasons, we do not take credit card orders over the phone. If you want to pay by personal check (U.S. customers only), make your check payable to : Mike McClure, and mail to 17612 Drake St., Broomfield, CO 80023.  If the PayPal button doesn't work, refresh your screen or (on mobile devices) use the Chrome or Safari Browser and try again. 

...and to our customers who 'checked-in' with their call signs:  Ace, ACOG, Ahab, Airspeed, Astro, Bambus, Baron, Bart, Baskin, Batman, Beak, Beaner, Beau, Beav, Beeks, Biff, BigMac, Blaze, Blender, Blood, Bomber, Bones, Bongo, Booger, Boogie, Bookie, Bounce, Bowzer, Boz, Brain, Buck, Bucket, Bueller, Bugs, Busta, Buzz, Caper, Casper, Cat,  Candyman, Chodz, Coach, Colt, Cosmo, Cowboy, CrazySam, Cubby, Cujo, Danger, DarkWing, Deke, Dick, Diesel, Dipper, Dodo, Doogie, Dr.Don, Duke, Dynamite, Elmo, Face, FirePlug, Flash, Fletch, Flip, Flo, Flogger, FogHorn, Festus, Fury, Gash, Gibbon, GMoney, GoGo, Goldie, Grabbit, Gramps, Grizzly, Grog, Groucho, Gutz, HalfDeck, Hambone, Hamster, Helen(Keller), Hole, Hoobs, Hooker, Hooter, Hutch, HWood, Ike, Ivan B, JAGS, Jed, Jethro, Jmac, Jolly, Kaiser, Kermit, Kilo Victor, KOKO, Landfill, Lips, Lambo, Lane, Linus, Lobo, Lurch, Mac, MadDog, Mags, Marbles, Martini, Maual, Menace, Meso, MicMac, Mikey, Mini, Moondog, Mouse, Mr. Ed, Mudcatt, Mutha, Mutt, Nails, Nato, Nordo, Nub, OLD Rock, Opie, Otis, Otter, Oz, Papa, Pappy, Patch, Petro, PigPen, Pill, Pinky, Pokey, Polecat, Pop, Pounder, Psycho, Pugs, Pygmy, Quahog, Ragu, Ranger, Rat, Rebel, Reddog, RedNeck, Rhino, Riceball, Rockets, Rockford, Rocko, Rocky, Roller, Rowdy, Roy, Rusty, Samurai, Sars, Sass, Schlong*, Scoob, Scooter, Sheep, Shine, Shooter, Sinbad, Sic, Skid, Skip, Skippy, SkyKing, Sleepy, Slick, Smaug, Smiler, SnakeMan, Snuffy, Soppy, Southy, Spanky, Sparky, Speed, Speedo, Spic, Spike, Spin, Spud(2), Spyder, Squirrel, Stoney, Strangle, Strider, Stub, SugarBear, Swamy, TA, Taco, Tags, Tango, TBone, Tex, Thor, Thorny, ThangDang, Tick, TicTac, Toad, Trader, Tron, Tuck, Tuna, Tunes, Vanman, Vicar, Wacko, Walrus, Waz, Weasel, Wedge, Wheels, Wiley, Wizard, Wizzer, Woo, Yogi, and Zinger.  Thanks again, SPUD!


FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is shipping?    A: Shipping is included, and our hats ship via USPS First Class Mail.  Orders of five or more are sent via USPS Priority Mail.  International shipping generally is about $16.90 - $23.00 and goes up by quantity.  If PayPal overcharges for shipping, I refund the overage once international shipping has been calculated. 


Q: Are they washable?   A: Yes, they can be hand-washed with good results.


Q: Do these hats fade with wear?  A: Yes.  They're fairly color-fast, but like most all-cotton material, the more exposure to direct sunlight, the more they will fade and wear.  Navy-Blue and Dark Red are the only ones that have issues, and I replace mine about once every two years. 


Q: What sizes are the ball caps?    A: The hats are adjustable from 6-7/8 to 7-1/2+. They will go larger and smaller, but will not look right and we don't recommend it.


Q: Do you have fitted hats?    A: No, just the adjustable styles shown on the website.


Q: What other colors are available?    A: Only the colors shown for each design are available. As new colors are introduced, they are posted on the site. Most come in navy blue, stone/khaki, black, or olive drab. 


Q: Do you make custom embroidered hats?    A: Yes, but only for orders of 36 hats or more.  I will do a custom design for as few as 18 hats, but we must agree on the design, and there is no discount available on new custom designs. All custom orders are shipped directly to the buyer and must be paid in advance of production.


Q: Are there discounts available?   A: Yes.  I do sell in bulk to retailers, as well as give shipping breaks and volume discounts on certain orders. Contact me for more details at pilotballcaps@gmail.com


Q: The hat bill looks fairly long. What size are the bills?   A: Actually, they're standard ball cap bill length.  The cap bills all measure 2 3/4 inches on center.


Q: Are all of the wings centered on the cap?    A: Yes, all wings and logos are centered on the cap.  Sometimes with direct-embroidery the wings may be off center from the seam, which is normal.


Q: Do your hats have reinforced crowns or fronts?   A: No, they're unstructured, so they're relaxed, comfortable and "floppy" by design.


Q:  Why don't you have "Air Force", "Navy", "Delta" etc. over the wings?  A: These ball caps are for the people who know who they are, and the people who acknowledge the wings are the people we associate with.  If you have to tell someone what they mean, they don't really need to know. Short answer is, No, we don't do this.


Q: Can I use my FEDEX account to ship the ball caps?    A: No. It's too much hassle for me to drive to a FEDEX store and it would delay your shipping.


Q: Do you have ball caps without the top button?  A: They all have the top button, but they can be removed (very carefully). If you're willing to risk damage to the area around the button: using diagonal pliers, gently pinch below the button until it pops off.  Then do the same with the grommet inside the hat. 


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