Quality Pilot Ball Caps, hats I designed for all types of aviators. All pilot wings are direct-embroidered on comfortable, low-profile hats. Embroidered right here in the United States!      Enjoy the pictures...just part of life in aviation.

Some of my Air Force flight crews



Crew pictures, Desert Shield/Storm, air shows, "Team Danger" and the "Cole Bros. Flying Circus"

Miles (now Col.), Gerry, Steve...Team Danger: Chuck, Roger and John...Irwin "Kirby", John and Paul... Mark (now a 2 star), Todd and Agent Orange

Dad's crew, his buddies and the folks at the Operations Hut. 1945

To George...my "toughest" customer!

Korean Flight Jacket Club!

Me in my DC-9, and in the 'hat office'

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